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How to Wear Finger Picks
Finger picks are typically used for playing a bluegrass style of banjo music, but they can also be used by guitar and autoharp players—along with other types of instruments. Picks usually come in metal or plastic and in different thicknesses. The type of finger pick you choose largely depends on your experience level and style of music. To use a finger pick, choose the right one for
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6-10-2016, 01:55
How to Clean a Violin
So, you've got your violin, and you already know how to take care of it. But what about the day-to-day cleaning rituals? How can you keep it from getting gunky from the rosin and sweat? These steps will show you what to do before putting your violin away to keep it in great shape over time.
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30-09-2016, 04:50
How to Play Songs on the Violin
The violin is a wonderful instrument with a long history, and is often used in songs. This article should help you to learn how to play your favourite songs on the violin.
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23-09-2016, 23:05
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How to Choose the Right Cello for You
Choosing the correct cello is a very hard task. If you are a beginner cellist, buying an inexpensive cello is recommended. On the other hand if you are an intermediate or advanced cellist, then it is recommended buying a cello with a better tone (since price can't speak for how the instrument sounds). Price doesn't determine everything. It is very possible to find an extravagant cello
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