How to Perform a Calypso Leap

A calypso leap is a fun dance moves performed in all sorts of dance styles, including jazz and contemporary. While this leap may seem intimidating and difficult at first, it's actually pretty simple and fun once you've got the hang of it. You'll be doing calypso leaps everywhere in no time!

How to Shag Dance

The "shag dance" comes from the "Carolina Shag," which is a partner dance that is mostly done to beach music. The basic step that is done in the shag dance can be done to a six count step, with a rhythm that is similar to a triple step, triple step, rock step. If you want to know how to shag dance, see Step 1 to get started today.

How to Do Salsa Turns

Salsa may look hard and sophisticated, but when it comes down to it, it just involves a simple basic step and basic turns. Here are some easy instructions on getting down the basic right turn in L.A. style salsa (salsa on 1). While there is also a left turn, right turns are much more common and are easy to do.

How to Convince Your Parents to Buy You a Pair of Corrs Irish Step Shoes

Corrs Irish step shoes just may be the one brand of Irish dance shoe that nobody complains about...they're close to perfect. However, this exclusive company is very hard to find at feiseanna or in Irish gift shops, and the easiest way of procuring a pair is by ordering them online. You're an Irish dancer who needs new shoes. Your parents, however, are skeptical of buying them over the Internet. What is a dancer to do?

How to Learn Pole Dancing

Pole dancing classes are popping up in fitness centers across America, Australia, and the United Kingdom because pole dancing is a fun, physically demanding form of exercise that can make you feel fit and sexy at the same time. Whether you're wearing 6-inch heels or more traditional workout gear, pole dancing can make you feel sexy and fit while having fun at the same time. To pole dance, all you really need is a secure pole, determination, and the desire to let go of your inhibitions. If you want to know how to learn pole dancing, just follow these steps.