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20-04-2018, 23:00
How to Decorate the Wall Behind a Couch
If you have some blank space to work with behind your sofa, your first thought might be to hang up a cheap painting and call it a day. But there are more creative solutions that can make a seating wall the focal point of the room rather than a void to be filled. Sculpted pieces that offer shape and dimension, for instance, can replace traditional framed art. A large mirror or set of
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31-03-2018, 18:00
How to Hang a Large Canvas
If you have a large canvas painting or picture that you can't wait to display, you may be wondering the best way to hang it in your home. You will need to prepare your canvas and take some measurements to figure out the best placement for your new lovely piece of art. When you’re done, your friends may think you had help hanging it from a gallery professional!
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31-03-2018, 07:00
How to Paint Baby Chicks in Watercolor
Fuzzy, fast-moving, baby chicks are adorable and fun to paint. They are so easy, too. To gain confidence, draw chicks first, then switch to paints and create chicks directly in paint, without drawing first. If you can paint two yellow balls, you can paint chicks. It’s amazing what character you can give these little guys with just a few quick finishing strokes of the brush.
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5-03-2018, 23:00
How to Paint a Row of Frisky Bunnies in Watercolor
If you have ever had the opportunity to watch rabbits at play, you’ve probably noticed that they are fond of chasing each other and doing some very acrobatic hops. This project gives you the opportunity to paint a row of zany rabbits in all sorts of poses, even if your drawing and painting abilities aren’t great. For extra fun, another rabbit, a big one in the foreground will be
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2-03-2018, 18:00
How to Paint Soft Bunny Fur in Watermedia
Many of our favorite animals are soft and cuddly and have fur you can’t help but want to touch. A bunny rabbit, a kitty or a puppy are good candidates. Painting the illusion of fur is fun and there are watercolor techniques to facilitate the job, so take the time to test and expand your abilities. These fun fur painting techniques will be useful on any soft bird or animal.
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12-02-2018, 11:00
How to Paint Cornhole Boards
If you love playing cornhole but don't want to buy an expensive pair of boards, make and paint your own. Once you've assembled the basic wooden boards, prepare the wood by filling, sanding, and priming them. Determine how glossy you want the boards to be and then use a brush or roller to apply the paint. Always let the boards dry completely before adding coats of paint. Embellish your
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7-02-2018, 18:00
How to Paint a Snowy Barn in Watercolor
A snowy landscape with a barn is a classic subject for a serene and lovely painting. The barn, surrounded by heaps of drifting snow, reminds us of the animals huddled inside keeping out of the elements. This project is a chance to contrast the textures and colors of the barn against the white of snow.
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6-02-2018, 18:00
How to Do a Watercolor Painting of Primroses
In late winter and early spring, little pots of primroses appear in stores to remind us that we will soon be planting gardens and watching all variety of flowers bloom. Primrose comes from the Latin “primula” meaning “early” or “first.” This shade loving, cool weather flower blooms from March to May in the Western hemisphere, but can be found the world over. Painting primroses is a
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23-01-2018, 18:00
How to Paint an Amaryllis in Watercolor
During the darkest months of the year, when another growing season seems far away, amaryllis bulbs appear at stores. The big brown bulb in its own little pot looks bland, even boring. Sprinkle in the bag of soil, add water, perch it in the sun and, within days, a sturdy green stem appears, heading for the sky. Before long, a fat bud opens and a brilliant red blossom or two appears. This
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23-12-2017, 23:00
How to Paint a Snow Globe in Watercolor
Snow globes are magical. Just shake them and the scene captured within is enhanced by falling snow. The fun of doing them in watercolor is working within a four to five inch, round, format, to create a tiny world. Practically anything goes when it comes to content for the globes; animals, people engaged in outdoor activities, children, scenery, holiday fun, sports, etc. The list is
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