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4-05-2021, 14:30
How to Unclog a Drain
Clogged drains happen to every household, and most people either reach for a chemical drain cleaner or call a plumber. But there are plenty of home solutions you can try first and none of them are too complicated. Before you call a plumber or shop for a strong chemical, see if you can clear the drain yourself with some simple DIY methods!
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1-05-2021, 20:40
If you've got a clogged sink, you don't need to reach for harsh chemicals to fix the problem. There are actually lots of natural remedies you can try using things you probably already have lying around the house. You can either use something to manually remove the clog or pour something down the drain to break the clog up. Either way, your sink will be draining in no time!
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20-04-2021, 12:50
How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain Naturally
When water drains slowly out of your bathtub, you know you have a clog to treat. Clogs, formed by hair, soap buildup, and other debris, are usually quite simple to remove without resorting to harsh chemical cleaners. To mechanically clear out any type of clog, plungers and drain snakes are your best bet. Use dish soap to loosen stubborn clogs, or choose vinegar and baking soda for a
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15-03-2021, 01:00
How to Restore Water Flow To a Clogged Kitchen Drain
When the water flow is clogged in your kitchen drain, see if you can fix it yourself before calling out the plumber.
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27-02-2021, 07:20
How to Clean Hair Out of a Shower Drain
Unclogging hair from the drain can be gross, but sometimes you have to do it! You can use a snaking tool specifically made for hair clogs or make your own using a wire hanger. Using chemical drain cleaners is also an option if you’d prefer to not mess with tools. If your drain is still clogged after you’ve removed all the hair you can, you may need to contact a plumber.
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12-10-2020, 11:50
How to Unclog a Double Sink
Double sinks have 2 drains, which can make them more likely to clog if you accidentally rinse down large food scraps. Minor clogs can usually be flushed out or broken apart with water. If your sink is only clogged on one side, plunge the clogged side with a cup plunger to loosen the blockage. If both sides are backed up, then you may need to take out the sink’s trap, which is the curved
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5-10-2020, 11:50
How to Use a Plunger
A plunger is a cheap and effective DIY tool that every home should have, because plungers are used to remove clogs and blockages from pipes. Whether you’ve got a clog in your toilet, tub, sink, or another drain, there's a good chance you can remove it on your own in a few moments with a plunger. The trick to dislodging clogs with a plunger is using the right technique, otherwise
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1-10-2020, 10:30
How to Unblock Outdoor Drains
Outdoor drains are susceptible to clogging with leaves or mud. If your drain is slow or completely backed up, there are ways you can clean it yourself without calling a plumber. Whether you break the clog apart by hand or use a solution of baking powder and vinegar, your drain will flow like new!
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16-09-2020, 20:00
How to Unblock a Drain
Whether it's hair in the bathtub or food in the kitchen sink, nobody likes dealing with a clogged drain. But, removing a clog doesn't have to be difficult. Most of the time you can remove a clog with nothing more than a plunger. Some clogs can be stubborn and may require the use of a drain snake. In rare cases, you may have to remove the drain mechanism entirely and clean the pipes. You
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