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4-12-2017, 23:00
How to Start a Home Salon Business
Staff Reviewed A home salon business can allow you to set your own work hours and be your own boss. It can also create a more intimate atmosphere for your clients and help you save money on the expense of renting or owning a work space. To start your home business, you will first need to register and insure it. You can then determine what services you will offer and set up your salon so
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20-11-2017, 18:00
How to Stay Healthy when Working from Home
If you have the luxury and convenience of working from home, it is much easier to maintain a steady commitment to your health as opposed to working in an office, which brings with it the stress of gridlocked traffic commutes, fattening vending machine lunches, cramped cubicles limiting movement for exercise, etc. Still, being surrounded by the comforts of home while you work can make
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