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25-09-2017, 14:00
How to Keep a Single Canary
Canaries love to live alone, and they are a relatively low-maintenance bird. As long as they have fresh food and room to fly, they will be content. Even if you only have one canary, your canary needs a large cage stocked with all of the basic necessities of life. Give them food and water once a day, and encourage them to get lots of exercise so that they can be healthy and happy!
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22-09-2017, 14:00
How to House a Canary
Canaries are sweet little singers who need big homes to make sure that they get enough exercise. If you’re getting a canary, make sure that their home is a good one by giving them a roomy cage filled with food, perches, and toys. Weekly cleaning and care will ensure that your canary loves their home as much as they love you.
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