How to Water Succulents

Succulents are beautiful, exotic houseplants. With near-perfect symmetry, what's not to like? However, like many plants, watering them can be a challenge. Especially in their younger years, it is important to water succulents correctly and consistently.

How to Come Out As Transgender

Expert Reviewed Coming out as transgender is different for everyone. With time, you'll find patience and confidence in the process. Focus first on coming out to those you trust. Your friends and family may have questions, and not understand what it's like to be transgender. Help them to better understand by being informed and ready to explain what your identity means to you. It's okay to be uneasy about this process, but with a stronger support system, you'll feel more at ease.

How to Raise Your Physical Appeal on Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights allows players to fully customize their player character, using their funds to create a unique appearance. In Haven, you can see thousands of players showing off their "Vêtements chers" and their unique style. So, this begs the question, have you ever seen another player and thought, "Darn, they look really nice" or "I wonder if people ever think I look good"? This article will help you raise your physical appeal and use the customization feature to your complete advantage, while keeping the chances of you becoming bankrupt at bay.

How to Make Spicy Vegetable Soup

Most people are familiar with a basic vegetable soup. It can be comforting, but it's usually a little boring or even bland. If you'd like to shake up your vegetable soup, make it spicy! Start by trying a simple spicy vegetable soup that uses flavorful fresh vegetables, hot paprika, and a touch of vinegar for some kick. You can adapt it using your favorite vegetables. Or make a spicy Thai vegetable soup that uses an aromatic base. This includes spicy chilies, garlic, lemongrass, miso, and fresh herbs for flavorful heat. You may find that a new spicy vegetable soup becomes an instant classic.

How to Make Pierogi Casserole

You may be familiar with pierogi, cheese and potato stuffed dumplings. But if you're tired of eating them on their own or need to throw together a complete meal, make a pierogi casserole. To get the classic flavors, layer frozen pierogi in a baking dish and cover them with a melted cream cheese mixture, cheddar cheese, and bacon. Or make an even easier casserole. Combine frozen pierogi, cream cheese, and kielbasa sausage and let it cook in the slow cooker. For a unique meal, make pizza flavored pierogi casserole that uses pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese. Serve any of the pierogi casseroles with a green salad and crusty bread.

How to Paint Pansies in Watercolor

For all their delicate charm, pansies are a hardy flower. They lend themselves to watercolor because their petals look almost as though they have been colored by an artist. Their rich, velvety red, violet, purple and yellow blossoms have a backdrop of spiked green leaves. If you haven't tried painting pansies, do it. They aren't hard and the results rival the real thing.

How to Make Cookie Butter Fudge

If you've ever had Biscoff or speculoos cookies, you know that they're rich and decadent. They're even more flavorful when they're ground into a thick, creamy butter that resembles peanut butter. You can use this cookie butter to create creamy fudge. Try a swirled Biscoff fudge that swirls the cookie butter into white chocolate fudge. Or microwave a quick batch of speculoos fudge to get the classic cookie dough flavor. For something really over the top, you can also make a cookie butter fudge that has a layer of semisweet chocolate sandwiched between the fudge.

How to Construct a Regular Heptagon

A regular heptagon (also called septagon) is a polygon with seven equal sides and seven equal angles. Accurately constructing polygons is an important part of geometry, and for regular heptagons there are multiple ways to draw one. Here is the easiest method, using a straight edge and compass.

How to Paint an Indoor Herb Garden in Watercolor

While all garden plants are beautiful, nothing compares to herbs. They remind us of cooking and eating lovely meals and best of all when touched, they impart their fragrance onto our skin and into the air. Painting an indoor herb garden will give much the same satisfaction during the cold weather season when outdoor gardening is out of the question.

How to Make a Libra Man Fall in Love

If you believe in astrology, you may think about someone's sign when trying to attract them. Some people believe Libras are drawn to certain things in a romantic partner. Work on cultivating an independent, confident personality. Get a Libra man's attention by flattery. Keep his attention with romantic gestures in order to win his affection.