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17-10-2017, 11:00
How to Open Advanced Settings in YouTube
YouTube's advanced settings page allows you to manage your channel and gives you options such as adding channel keywords and changing your country. This wikiHow article will show you how to open YouTube's advanced settings.
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10-10-2017, 11:00
How to Shorten YouTube Video Links
YouTube offers a built-in link shortener that can be extremely helpful because it's simple, short, and you don't need to use another website. Shortening a YouTube video link will make the beginning portion of the link appear like youtu.be/. This wikiHow article will show you how to shorten a YouTube video link.
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21-09-2017, 18:00
How to Disable YouTube Activity Sharing on Twitter
You can share your YouTube activities to Facebook and Twitter. With this feature, YouTube automatically shares your activities (uploading a video, liking a video, saving a playlist and adding video to public playlist) to connected social media accounts. If you want to disable that sharing, it only takes a few clicks.
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12-09-2017, 14:00
How to Find Popular Videos on YouTube
Do you want to find what's popular on YouTube? You can view popular videos based on different countries without using any special tools on YouTube.
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17-08-2017, 13:24
How to Activate the Dark Theme on YouTube
YouTube has a hidden dark theme. This turns the background of the page black (and some parts dark gray) and makes the text lighter. Using the dark theme can be extremely helpful at night to prevent eyestrain.
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11-08-2017, 18:59
How to Disable YouTube History
If you don't like how YouTube shows your past watch and search history, you can turn it off with just a few clicks.
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9-03-2017, 10:00
How to Loop YouTube Videos
To loop a video on the YouTube desktop site, right-click on the video and select Loop. If you're using a mobile device, you can do the same thing if you load the desktop website in your mobile browser, or you can download apps that will allow you to quickly loop videos.
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1-02-2017, 00:30
How to Get a YouTube Partnership if Your Country Is NOT in YouTube's List of Partnerships
Getting YouTube partnership is essential nowadays if you are a regular content creator and you have set goals for your channel. However, not every country seems to be accepted into YouTube's program of partnership. If you are in one of those countries, don't worry, as the following article will reveal how to get partnership nevertheless.
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25-10-2016, 15:25
How to Embed a YouTube Video on Your Website
YouTube videos cannot be easily downloaded, however you can embed videos on a website using an iframe tag that links with an isolated YouTube video player.
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20-10-2016, 17:55
How to Become a Famous YouTube Superstar
Have you seen those stars on TV and wished that was you? If you're interested in becoming a star and going far, read on.
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