How to Set Up Siri

Community Tested To set up and use Siri on your iOS device, you'll need to open the Settings app and customize Siri's function from the Siri tab. Note that the following devices don't have Siri installed on them: iPhone 4 (and older), iPad 2 (and older), and iPod Touch 4 (and older). You can also enable and set up Siri on your Mac if you're running Mac OS Sierra.

How to Access Your Computer from Your iPhone

There are several methods for accessing your computer with an iPhone. Most options can be costly, charging a one-time fee or monthly/annual subscriptions. The two methods that function best also happen to be completely free for personal use. Both methods require you to install a host app on your iPhone and a companion app on the computer you want to control. Once configured, you’ll be able to control any computer remotely as if you are sitting in front of it.