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10-05-2017, 14:40
How to Be a Good Parent on Animal Jam
Have you ever adopted a child on Animal Jam, and thought maybe you're not a great parent? Or wanted to adopt a child, but don't know how to roleplay? Read this article to find out how!
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1-02-2017, 04:30
How to Be a Smoothie Seller on Animal Jam
Do you want to sell juices to the various animals of Animal Jam? This article will help you accomplish your mission in just a few simple steps!
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26-10-2016, 01:15
How to Get Banned on Animal Jam
It is a hard move to decide to ban your own account, but some people may want to do it. Follow the two methods below for easy bans and suspensions.
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6-10-2016, 21:45
How to Make a Store on Animal Jam
Have you ever wanted to create a store on Animal Jam? Here's how!
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5-10-2016, 16:00
How to Be a Pony from My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic on Animal Jam
Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and want to show it off on Animal Jam? Well, you came to the right place!
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2-10-2016, 22:30
Heard about the Ocean Adventure Base Camp? Here is how to get there.
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2-10-2016, 12:50
Beta period is over. That is a fact. Everyone loves those betas though. How do those "rare" and "beta" jammers get so rare? We might have found one way! Let's get beta!
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30-09-2016, 23:50
How to Get Adopted in the Pillow Room on Animal Jam
Have you ever attempted to get adopted on Animal Jam but never succeeded? Well, these tips may help you find the perfect home!
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29-09-2016, 23:25
How to Be a Good Clan Member on Animal Jam
In late 2011, clans based on the Warrior series by Erin Hunter began showing up on Animal Jam. Ever wanted to start clanning but haven't read the books? Don't want to embarrass yourself? This is the right article for you!
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29-09-2016, 19:45
How to Throw a Trading Competition Without Getting Reported in Animal Jam
You are giving away something, but you see many people there. You decide to throw a trading competition and decline every trade to be fair. But as soon as you tell everyone your plan, a couple of people keep on repeating "You're scamming us! I will report you!" And now you wonder what to do to keep people from reporting you even though your doing a good deed.
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