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8-03-2019, 20:00
How to Be Brave in Front of a Group of People
Talking in front of a group of people can be a nerve-wracking experience. Public speaking is one of the most common fears, but you can still talk to a large group even if you’re feeling nervous. Whether you’re giving a speech, trying to speak up at meetings, or talking with friends, staying confident will help your voice be heard!
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31-08-2018, 01:00
How to Reduce Stress Before Giving a Speech
Staff Reviewed Getting nervous before giving a speech is normal; even great personalities get nervous sometimes. However, that doesn’t mean there is no remedy for it. To reduce stress associated with a speech, it's important to prepare ahead of time, focus on relaxing your mind and body, and use techniques that can keep you calm while speaking. With some preparation, you can minimize
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7-08-2018, 16:00
How to Be an Effective Public Speaker
Expert Reviewed Even accomplished public speakers worry about whether or not their presentation is effective. Fortunately, improving your effectiveness as a public speaker is very simple! To be an effective public speaker, prepare a well-developed speech that fits your audience. Then, practice your delivery prior to giving the speech. Finally, connect with the audience, articulate your
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25-09-2017, 18:00
How to Give a Speech Without Preparation
Public speaking is daunting for many people, and having little time to prepare just increases the pressure. If you’re called on to give a speech at a wedding, funeral, or other similar situation, stick to pre-set ideas like personal anecdotes and quotations, and keep things brief. If you have to give a speech in a professional situation, follow a tried-and-true method for quickly
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27-02-2017, 09:40
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How to Be a Great Speaker
There is a commonly cited statistic that people are generally more fearful of public speaking than they are of death. The idea of performing a speech in front of an attentive audience is a nerve-wracking concept for most people. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be. Being a great speaker is a skill that is learned just as much as any other. When you have a strong command of your voice and
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20-10-2016, 05:00
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How to Give a Toast
A toast is a small speech given in honor of somebody. Toasts are often done at the end of a meal, after everybody finishes eating.
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19-10-2016, 20:25
How to Organize an Effective Communication Plan to Create and Share Meaningful Information
The sharing of information between two or more people certainly requires enough verbal expression skills. An effective communication plan will help you figure out the best method to express your own ideas, concepts, and opinions.
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6-10-2016, 22:00
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How to Debate
There are many types of debates, ranging from British Parliamentary, Asian Debate Format, Policy Debates to regular old backyard sparring sessions. Whether you're in a team or going at it solo, this article will go over some general facts about debating, as well as offer you tips on how to improve your technique.
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6-10-2016, 17:15
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How to Win a Debate
The art of debate requires skillful execution of many factors. Essentially, the core spirit of debated can be summed up in three primary factors: ethos (ethics), pathos (emotions), and logos (rationality). Developing your argument in terms of these will ensure you have foundation, but to win a debate, you'll have to keep in mind how you present yourself and refute the points of the
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5-10-2016, 07:10
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How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking
Did you know that public speaking is the number one fear in North America? The second greatest fear is death! If you have the fear of public speaking, you are not alone. You must first recognize what "fear" is. Fear is the anticipation of pain. Is your fear real or imagined?
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