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4-05-2021, 13:20
How to Know if Your Teen Is Faking Sick
A teen faking sick is a little different than a kid faking sick- teens have been in the business years longer, and they know how it works. No more "*ahem ahem cough cough* I feel sick, Mom!". It might be a little trickier to finding out if these teens are faking, but you should hopefully nail it after reading this article. Without further ado, here's how to know if your teen is faking
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17-03-2021, 19:50
How to Deal With Teenagers As a Single Parent
The teenage years can be tough for parents. As a single parent, you might struggle with how to effectively raise your teens. It’s a challenge, but you can do it! Learn to deal with your teenagers as a single parent by fostering a connection with them, helping them mature, and getting outside help.
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24-02-2021, 05:50
How to Give Your Teen Constructive Criticism
Giving your teen constructive criticism can be challenging. There is an art to striking a balance between being critical and supportive. Learning how to craft constructive criticism, using the feedback sandwich method, and fostering self-esteem will help you constructively critique your teen.
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14-02-2021, 11:50
How to Understand a Teenager
It can be difficult to see your little one turn into a teenager right before your eyes and realize you have no idea how to relate to them anymore. If you feel at a loss in how to connect to and understand your teen, try being empathetic to their experiences. Ask questions and take an interest in their activities. Give them independence and privacy and learn to accept their changes while
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14-02-2021, 07:40
How to Respond to Smart Mouthed Teens
One of the hardest things about parenthood is watching your sweet little child who used to worship you transition into a back-talking teenager with a surly attitude. Your teenager might be driving you up the wall, but if you want to have a peaceful home, it's important that you have a concrete plan in place about how to punish bad behavior and encourage good behavior. Instead of losing
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7-01-2021, 15:40
How to Motivate Teenagers
Being a teenager is an important stage of life. However, teens can be easily distracted and parents, teachers, and older relatives sometimes find motivating teenagers to succeed to be a difficult task. By listening to your teen's wants and needs, and building short and long term goals around them, you can help your teen stay motivated to succeed.
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4-01-2021, 18:00
How to Help Your Teen Explore Possible Careers
As your teenager nears the end of high school, they will begin thinking about careers. You want to encourage your child to explore their interests and passions to direct them on their career path after high school. Try to foster a solid sense of self in your teen so they can identify their passions. Help them research various career paths so they get a sense of the practical steps they
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30-12-2020, 19:20
How to Act when You Dislike Your Teen's Date
Ranking high on the list of a parent’s worst nightmares: your teenager introduces you to their new date whom you come to dislike. If you have any experience with teens, you know that expressing your disapproval will likely empower your teen to commit to the relationship even more. Show tactful disapproval by communicating with your teen about the issue, being diplomatic in your
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4-12-2020, 03:50
How to Arrange Your Teenage Daughter’s Bedroom
Teenagers tend to like privacy and spend a lot of time in their rooms. Arranging your teenage daughter’s room gives you the opportunity to provide a functional, personalized environment for her to feel at home in. This project can be less daunting if you have a solid plan. With ideas, tips, and a budget, you can create a useful and enjoyable space.
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22-10-2020, 12:30
How to Deal With Teenage Boys
The teenage years are hard on everyone - the teenager themselves, their friends, and their family. Teenage boys have certain - and sometimes incorrect - stereotypes attached to them, such as always being angry, moody, violent, and rude. These stereotypes are based on, in part, infrequent situations that tend to be remembered. Whether you are the friend, girlfriend or parent of a teenage
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