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23-01-2019, 22:21
How to Make Butter Cookies
Butter cookies—also known as Dutch biscuits—are delicious, crispy cookies that are quick and easy to make. Even better, the recipe only uses pantry staples! Use a cookie press to turn the dough into beautiful shapes or roll the dough into a log and cut classic circles. Enjoy these yummy cookies yourself or gift them to a loved one.
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5-11-2018, 13:00
How to Keep Cookies Fresh
Cookies are always best when eaten fresh out of the oven, however, sometimes they need to be stored for later. If you have the strength to not eat them right away, store them in an airtight container with a piece of bread. This will help them to taste fresher for longer. If you want to keep your cookies fresh for a longer period, put them in a sealed bag and place them in the freezer.
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11-12-2017, 23:00
Who doesn't love a soft cookie filled with a lovely creamy sweet filling? Whipping up a batch of Christmassy red whoopie pies could help celebrate the holiday season in style. Makes 12 whoopie pies
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7-11-2017, 14:00
If you prefer light, fluffy cookies to flat, crisp ones, learn how to make the perfect soft cookies. Just a few simple changes to your cookie recipes will improve their texture. For example, use brown sugar, shortening, cake flour, and add an extra egg yolk. Increasing the moisture in the cookies will help them hold their shape and remain soft. For a bit more guidance, try a classic
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How to Make Homemade Baked Cheese Crackers
Impress your friends and family by baking these simple baked cheese crackers. This is a great finger snack food for events and parties. It only takes about two hours to make.
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31-03-2017, 23:00
Peanut meringue cookies are a great low-fat indulgence. These cookies get their crunch from roasted peanuts and billowy meringue. You can make classic meringue cookies that have chopped, roasted peanuts folded in. Or make creamy peanut butter cloud cookies which are slightly sweeter. If you'd like to make a really decadent treat, make chocolate-flecked meringues that are sandwiched
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1-12-2016, 01:06
How to Make Hot Chocolate Cookies
Spice up a cold winter day with these sweet, hot chocolate cookies. Gooey and melted with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips, these cookies are to sure to become a new favorite at your house. Makes: Approx. 48 cookies
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28-11-2016, 19:06
These espresso macarons are easy to make and will delight anyone who loves coffee and dessert. Makes: About 20-25 sandwich cookies.
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22-11-2016, 23:12
How to Make Pumpkin Pie Cookies
Pumpkin pie cookies are delicious holiday treats. You can make your pumpkin cookies two different ways: either by making the cookies look like actual pumpkin pie slices or by making the cookies pumpkin pie flavored. Whichever method you choose, pumpkin pie cookies are sweet cookies that will spice up any dessert. Method One Makes: Approx. 30 cookies Method Two Makes: Approx. 48 cookies
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20-11-2016, 09:18
How to Make Cookies on a Stick
Cookies on a stick are sometimes used to create decorative cookie bouquets or as favors for parties. However, you can make cookies on a stick any time for a fun treat. You will just need some prepared cookie dough, wooden sticks, frosting, and any other decorative toppings you want to add.
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