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How to Get Rid of Chicken Mites
If your feathery friends are scratching at their ears or shaking their heads a lot, these are signs that they may have mites and most likely that their coop is infested with mites. Most chicken owners will come across this problem and not know how to deal with it. There are a few different choices for approaching treatment.
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If you're tired of the usual roasted chicken, try baking chicken stuffed with delicious fillings. Make a classic sausage stuffing or wild rice with mushroom stuffing. Then, fill a whole chicken with the mixture and roast it until the chicken is tender. For a quick stuffed chicken, wrap chicken breasts around a spinach and feta filling. Coat the breasts in breadcrumbs and bake them until
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How to Make Chicken Parmesan with Homemade Red Sauce
Chicken Parmesan is a tasty dish made even more delicious by the addition of this herb-filled red sauce. Both elements of this dish are quick and easy to prepare and you have a choice between either frying or baking the chicken.
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Fried chicken is known for its crispy, crunchy coating. But if you're looking for an easier way to make the familiar favorite, make oven-fried chicken. Most oven-fried chicken is first soaked in a brine (saltwater solution) or buttermilk before it's coated with seasoned flour, breadcrumbs, or crushed cornflakes. Just place the oven-fried chicken in a heated baking dish and cook it in
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How to Tell if Chicken Is Bad
Community Tested Consuming chicken that has gone bad can make you extremely ill, regardless of whether it's raw or cooked. This wikiHow will show you how to tell if raw, frozen, or cooked chicken is bad. It will also give you tips on proper storage.
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How to Cook Chicken Tenders
Chicken tenders are a favorite at restaurants in the USA and around the world. Surprisingly simple to make yet always a giant mess, there are as many different chicken tender recipes as there are chefs. Luckily, the basics are pretty easy -- you coat the chicken in fat (egg or buttermilk) and flour, then fry or bake in oil. Once you have these down, you can start adjusting testing, and
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How to Broast Chicken
Strictly speaking, there's no way to make legitimate broasted chicken at home. "Broasted" and "Broaster" are registered trademarks of the Broaster Company of Beloit, Wisconsin. The seasonings and equipment involved are sold to restaurants but not sold to home cooks. That said, you can mimic the technique at home and manage to produce something fairly similar.
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How to Grill Chicken Breasts
Grilled chicken breasts are a versatile dish that can be used in a variety of dishes. Learn how to successfully grill chicken breasts for an assortment of satisfying meals. First learn the basics, whether you're grilling bone-in or boneless breasts. Then master a few classic recipes and experiment with your own versions, using your grilled chicken breasts for a stand-alone meal, or in
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How to Make Chicken Gumbo Soup
Chicken gumbo is a quintessential southern dish. It is a thick soup that includes bell pepper, onion, celery, rice, chicken and Cajun spices. However, you do not have to be from the south to make or enjoy it, since it made much like chowder and other soups. You will need a large Dutch oven or stockpot to make a batch of soup. You can freeze the leftovers for easy dinners in the future.
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