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23-02-2021, 12:20
How to Do Well in School
No matter how far along you are in your education, doing well in school can be a hurdle. You can do your best in school by promoting healthy study habits, and keeping your time and supplies organized. It’s also crucial to take care of yourself so that you feel your best and have all the energy you need!
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11-02-2021, 00:00
How to Get Good Grades at a New School
Whether you have moved to a new area or progressed to middle or high school, starting a new school can be a difficult process. Learning your way around a new place, meeting new people, and missing your former school and classmates can all make it difficult to focus on your studies and get good grades. However, by adjusting to your new school and improving your study habits and skills,
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17-01-2021, 20:10
How to Maintain a High GPA in College
College can be tough, but you want to have impressive grades so you can get a good job or go to graduate school. Here is how to maintain a 4.0 in college.
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25-12-2020, 13:00
How to Be the Best Student in Your Class
Do you want to impress your teacher? Do you want to impress your parents? Do you want to impress your friends? Maybe you just want to get the most out of your school year. Whatever your reason for wanting to be the best student in your class, there are a couple of different ways you're going to want to improve yourself. Being the best student in any class great is about more than just
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17-12-2020, 08:30
How to Get Straight A's in Junior High School
Math: It's on every teen's mind. How am I going to impress mom and dad and improve my grades? The only question is how to do it. It's so boring to just sit down and study! Here's a guide to help you get straight A's.
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11-12-2020, 15:30
How to Get Good Grades in Economics
To do well in economics, you must develop a deep understanding of economic theories, developments in the field, and applied math. Stay current by reading newspapers and magazines like the Financial Times and The Economist. To ace your classes, take good notes, form a study group, and ask for assistance when necessary.
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16-11-2020, 22:30
How to Get Good Grades in AP Courses
Advanced placement (AP) courses are a great way to impress potential universities, and also offer a way to save both time and money once you get to college. That said, AP courses are no walk in the park. They will be much more difficult than your standard high school courses, and the expectations will often be much higher. However, if you learn about and understand what is expected of
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10-11-2020, 17:50
How to Get on the Honor Roll
Getting on the honor roll is a big, but attainable, goal. It looks good on college and university applications and raises your confidence in your work ability. The honor roll is one of the most important awards to get. So if you achieve this goal while you are in school, you should feel very proud of your accomplishment. Though seemingly a lot of work, it can be a straightforward task
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13-10-2020, 11:40
How to Excel As a Student in England
Tired of getting bad reports from school? Do you live in England where the education system is totally different from Americans? Are you going into Year 7 or higher? Then this article is for you!
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4-10-2020, 17:50
How to Become an Honor Student
Becoming an honor student is a major milestone in an academic career. Joining the Honor Roll or Dean’s List tells others that you are not only a top student in grades, but that you demonstrate maturity and take your studies seriously. Although it isn’t easy, achieving honors status can have real benefits: it may get you into a good college, it may impress scholarship or financial aid
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