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How to Host a Friendsgiving
Of all the holidays, Thanksgiving has the best food. Friendsgiving is a Thanksgiving feast with your friends. And best of all, you and your friends can have whatever foods you want. Find the perfect space to host your friendsgiving and invite your friends. Ask each of them to choose a dish they want to bring. Make sure no two people bring the same dish. On the day of the event, set the
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23-11-2017, 14:00
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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is celebrated annually in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November. For many, Thanksgiving is about spending time with family members and friends, and being thankful for the people and things in their life. It is typically celebrated by having a big meal with a turkey as the centerpiece. Watching the Thanksgiving Day parade, football, volunteering, and playing
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How to Avoid Gaining Weight over Thanksgiving
Turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie...holiday weight gain is practically a national sport. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this blessed bingeing session (for once) didn't wreck your waistline woes? Enjoying Thanksgiving doesn't mean unavoidable weight gain! Put in some planning time, learn to reframe your attitude towards the Thanksgiving foods themselves, and you're headed for more Holiday
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How to Celebrate a Fall Harvest
Harvest time during fall (autumn) is a wonderful time. There is a bounty of food, the beauty of changing leaves and the gradual descent into cooler weather. It's a great time to celebrate and while there is a formalized ritual of celebrating the season with Thanksgiving in some countries, you don't have to wait for that to throw a celebratory party.
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How to Gut a Turkey
When you buy a turkey from a farmer or grocery store, you will likely have to gut it, which means cleaning out its inner organs, or innards. While hunters often do this themselves, the average cook who buys a turkey from the store still needs to know how to gut it in order to prepare it for a meal. Gutting a turkey is a straightforward process, as long as you have the correct tools for
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