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13-04-2018, 07:00
How to Recycle a Fire Extinguisher
Fire extinguishers are important safety devices, but they can be harmful if they aren’t disposed of properly. By emptying your extinguisher and removing the exterior accessories, you can make your extinguisher ready for recycling. Remember to connect with local resources to recycle or discard your extinguisher in a responsible way.
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25-02-2018, 14:00
How to Join Homeland Security
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is responsible for keeping America’s borders secure, preventing terrorism, and enforcing immigration laws. Consider joining Homeland Security if you’d like to work for the U.S. government in law enforcement, immigration, or support services. To obtain a job with Homeland Security, start by getting the necessary education and training. You can
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21-02-2018, 14:00
How to Test a Fire Alarm System
Fire alarms are essential safety devices that, when activated, will alert you of danger and quite possibly save your life. Testing your system regularly ensures that the detectors and alarms are working properly and will operate as intended during dangerous situations.
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12-01-2018, 14:00
Mudslides, also called debris flows, can be destructive and deadly natural disasters. If your area is at risk, reviewing safety procedures and coming up with a survival plan can help you feel more secure and even save your life.
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23-12-2017, 16:27
How to Help North Bay Fire Victims
The 2017 North Bay Fires have been devastating to California’s northern Bay Area, particularly around Napa, Mendocino, Sonoma, and Lake. Whether you’ve been affected by the photographs and reports coming out of the area, or personally know someone affected by the fires, it’s likely that your first instinct is to ask what you can do to help. The best thing you can do is donate items in
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14-12-2017, 14:00
How to Fight a Forest Fire
Forest fires are an important element in the lifecycle of a forest. Unfortunately, many forest fires begin as the result of human negligence. When forest fires (also called wildfires) become large and unwieldy, they threaten human life, animal life, and property. If you should encounter a forest fire, contact the authorities right away and get yourself to safety. If you hope to become a
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18-02-2017, 11:20
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How to Install a Security Camera System for a House
The idea of drilling holes through the walls of your house to run video and power cables for a security camera system might seem daunting; but many security systems come in all-included packages that make setting up your surveillance system a breeze. Read on for guidance on buying and installing your own home camera system.
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1-02-2017, 08:36
How to Make a Gravity Hammer
Ever wanted a huge hammer to smash stuff with? This hammer only requires that you can pay for it. Do it if you want to smash large objects into smaller ones.
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30-10-2016, 00:24
How to Ready Your Vehicle for a Hurricane
Hurricanes can make for a stressful time in any vehicle owner's life. Although the best method will always be to evacuate, you may decide to stay at home. When readying your vehicle for a hurricane, the following steps will help minimize any potential damage.
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25-10-2016, 19:00
How to Prepare for Major Power Outages
Disruptions to electrical service happens at least once somewhere every day. In most cases, these outages last anywhere from only a few minutes to several hours. However, there are times when these outages can last days or even weeks. This can occur from severe weather or failures in a power company's equipment. It is important to know how to prepare for major power outages, so read
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