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13-03-2019, 20:00
How to Decorate a Sofa Table Behind a Couch
Sofa tables are a great way to utilize space in a living room. When decorating your sofa table, remember that you want the table to be as practical as possible. Make space to store your remotes and favorite books. Include a few lamps on the table to create a warm and inviting space. When assembling your accessories, try to create a balance of height and color across the table. Have fun
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5-03-2018, 18:00
How to Decorate a Sofa with Pillows
Adding throw pillows to your sofa is an easy and inexpensive way to breathe new life to your living room or bedroom. It can, however, be overwhelming with all the choices out there. Here are a few tips to consider to help you find your way and have fun creating a new look with the simple addition of pillows.
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22-09-2017, 18:00
How to Dismantle a Recliner Sofa
There’s no need to worry if you need to move your bulky recliner sofa through a tight space. Most reclining sofas can be easily disassembled for stress-free transport. Many models have detachable seat backs, which are secured by locking levers. Lifting the back fabric panel or feeling in between the rear seams should enable you to release the levers and remove the seats. Some models
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