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23-02-2021, 12:30
How to Make Your Room Look Psychedelic
If the 70s are calling your name, you might want to make your room psychedelic. Marked by vibrant colors, trippy patterns, and 70s memorabilia, a psychedelic room can make all of your hippie dreams come true, or just provide an interesting, unique type of decor for your dorm. To create the perfect psychedelic room, you’ll need the right lighting, the right decor, and the right
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17-12-2020, 18:50
How to Add Bold Color to Your Home
Striking, rich colors can make a room pop, but a gentle balance is needed when infusing your house with new color. Create a color palette that contrasts your bold choices against softer neutral tones. You can decorate your home with accent pieces to give it a stylish but coordinated flair. Alternatively, you can brighten a room by painting the wall or fixtures.
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20-11-2020, 01:40
How to Decorate a Daybed
Daybeds are great multifunctional pieces of furniture. They can be a major space-saving option in smaller rooms and studio apartments, or they can be used to break up the flow of larger spaces. You can style your daybed to serve primarily as a sofa, a sleeping area, or both, depending on your personal needs. All it takes is a few thoughtful decorative touches.
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1-10-2020, 01:10
How to Choose Living Room Colors
You've heard thrilling tales of excitement and relaxation, set between walls of taupe and accented beautifully with maroon or a deep royal blue. These stories keep you up at night, dreaming of the perfect color scheme for your own living room. Whether guided by the mood you’re hoping to create or a tendency to surround yourself with tried and true thematic influences, you’ll benefit
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