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How to Countersteer (Motorcycle)

The basic mechanics of countersteering are performed by every kid who's ever ridden a bicycle. You're already doing it if you're riding a motorcycle. At higher motorcycle speeds, however, it's important to have a basic understanding of the process of leaning into a turn, increasing the acuity of the intended turn. Countersteering doesn't mean turning your handlebars away from a turn - rather, you're pushing on the handlebar to initiate a lean. This push on the handlebar will have your wheel heading very briefly in the wrong direction, and then as a result of the lean of the wheel your bike immediately recovers and heads the direction you want to go. By understanding what countersteering is and how it works, any rider can make more controlled turns at higher speeds, steer away from hazards, and ride with less fatigue.

How to Cycle Long Distances

Whether you are racing or touring, long-distance cycling can be very rewarding. In general, it is more important to prepare your mind and your gear for the challenge ahead than it is to exhaustively train your body. The best way to physically train for a long cycling trip is to take a long cycling trip! There are, however, a number of mental and logistical steps that you can take to make the journey go more smoothly.

How to Protect Your Written Ideas and Stories

Expert Reviewed Maybe you’ve just written the best story or come up with a winning story idea, but you’re worried that someone will steal it from under you. It’s understandable to be possessive of your written stories and ideas, especially if you are just starting out as a writer and want to protect your work. While the likelihood of someone stealing your work word for word may be small, you can take certain steps to understand your rights, copyright your work, and ensure it is protected.

How to Transport Cats by Plane

Expert Reviewed Air travel is not recommended for pets, unless it is absolutely necessary. In fact, air travel can be hazardous for animals with “pushed in” faces, such as bulldogs, pugs and Persian cats as they may have breathing issues when flying due to their limited airways and stress. But if you are moving to a new country and need to take your cat with you, you may have no choice but to transport him on a plane. There are many horror stories associated with transporting cats on an airplane, but with the right preparation, your feline friend can arrive to his new home safe and sound.

How to Dye Leather

Whether you are creating a new leather item or restoring an old one, leather dying instructions can quickly take you to your finished product. Knowing how to dye leather will allow you to easily change the color of a leather item. Keep in mind that every piece of leather is different and may accept the color a little differently.

How to Prepare Healthy Meals on the Go

Preparing healthy meals on the go can be easy. You can set yourself up for success by making a meal plan, shopping ahead of time for ingredients, and utilizing your weekend to get some of the prep work out of the way. You can then create lunches and breakfasts that are ready to go anywhere as well as easy dinners that will leave you satisfied.

How to Make a Child Feel Valued

Expert Reviewed There is no single, right way to make a child feel valued. A child is likely to feel valued if they are treated with respect, and when an adult demonstrates genuine interest in their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Developing healthy boundaries and being consistent with children serves to nurture their sense of being valued.

How to Water Succulents

Succulents are beautiful, exotic houseplants. With near-perfect symmetry, what's not to like? However, like many plants, watering them can be a challenge. Especially in their younger years, it is important to water succulents correctly and consistently.

How to Increase Ankle Mobility

Ankle mobility is crucial for nearly all athletes, as well as anyone simply looking to make getting around on foot a bit easier and more comfortable. Ankle mobility helps create strength and range of motion that can help improve everything from walking to swimming, dancing, and lifting weights. Building better ankle mobility can easily be worked into any training or health routine. Ankle-based stretches can help improve range of motion, while ankle-based exercises can increase strength in the foot, ankle, and calf. You can even assess your mobility with a few simple tests before you start training, and repeat them as you train to track your improvement.