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How to Maintain a Convertible

Taking care of a car’s convertible top requires a bit more care than with other vehicles. Depending on the material the top is made out of, there are different methods you can employ to help ensure your top lasts as long as the car does. If your convertible top is ripped or torn, it will have to be replaced by a professional, but you can prevent much of this damage by ensuring your top is clean and properly sealed. You can purchase a number of cleaners made specifically for convertible tops at most auto parts stores.

How to Do Strategic Planning

Reaching your goals without a plan can be incredibly difficult. The same can be said for many businesses, which is why strategic planning is a popular management activity among the most successful organizations. Strategic planning helps owners and managers set company priorities, strengthen their operations, and identify how to improve their business. Strategic planning is all about developing a strategy to achieve goals for a business and determining the details and tactics that will help you attain these aims. If you develop a balanced plan and always aim to improve and examine your strategy, you can help your business achieve new heights.

How to Add Bluetooth to a Car

Most people spend a lot of their time on the road. If you’re one of these people, upgrading your car’s multimedia system can be one of your main priorities to make those long hours tolerable. But having too many wires for your car’s multimedia system can be bothersome and may even cause driving problems. One simple upgrade that you can do to eliminate this issue is by adding a Bluetooth to your car.

How to Develop in Your Career

Continuing to advance in your career can help you reach financial goals and feel a greater sense of job satisfaction. Striving toward a career goal will propel you to continue to seek training and education that expands your skills and knowledge in your field. A plan of career development will prepare you to apply for advanced positions and take on more responsibilities on the job.

How to Paint Fine Art Miniatures in Watercolor

Miniature paintings, no larger than 2 X 3 inches, have a long history. In ancient Greece they have been found on coins and to decorate jewelry. In Elizabethan times, tiny portraits were put into lockets or shown, as we might show a small photograph. Enthusiasts form societies to share interest in this style of art. Another style of miniatures is producing Artists' Trading Cards and are intended to be shared with other artists or friends. The medium of watercolor lends itself to the delicate and detailed execution of miniature painting.

How to Cross Train at Work

You can cross train in sport but did you know that you can also cross train at work with similar benefits? Cross training is a technique that provides employees with the chance to see others do their work and to learn from this. The benefits include a better understanding of how different areas in an organization or business work and even allowing for more people able to perform certain roles, whether this be for relief purposes, or to simply spread the workload around the organization. This article provides some initial ideas on how your organization can improve work outcomes with cross training.

How to Become an Officiant

It's easier than ever to become an officiant, whether you've just been asked to preside over a friend's wedding or are looking to become a professional officiant. Many couples choose friends or officiants that provide interfaith and intercultural options for their wedding ceremonies. Before you begin, there are important state requirements you should know about in order to officiate.

How to Earn Respect at Work

Being respected at work will not only allow you to succeed professionally but will also make you a happier person. In order to earn respect, you will have to be productive at work, demonstrate confidence, and behave appropriately with your colleagues. The personal and professional rewards from behaving in a way that commands respect are huge.