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How to Program GM Keyless Remotes

If you have lost your keys, or have just bought a new car, you will need to program a new keyless remote. There are three broad categories when it comes to GM keyless remotes: pre-2007, 2007–10 with VIC, and 2007 – 10 without VIC. If your car is a GM post-2010 model, you should contact your nearest car care professional. After 2011, most GM models have already synced transmitters that come with the car when you buy it. Once you determine which category your car fits in, programming a keyless remote becomes a very easy process, only involving a few quick steps. Set aside a few minutes of your time, and you will never have to use an old-fashioned key again!

How to Become a Tower Crane Operator

Tower cranes are cranes which are set up next to buildings and are really lofty (according to the height of the building - a bit higher). They are used to lift heavy objects up and bring heavy objects down at any height in the limited distance the tower crane has been set. The distance that is being talked about is the vertical difference.

How to Be Named Employee of the Month

Being employee of the month is a great honor in the workplace. Employers use the program to motivate high quality performance, but being publicly recognized for your efforts is rewarding. It also equals increased respect from coworkers and a nice addition to your resume. Getting to this point, however, requires some genuine forethought and careful execution.

How to Mix Bondo

If your automobile is rusty or you get in a collision and the damage isn't too extensive, you can patch the dings with a body repair product called Bondo. Learn to mix Bondo and save money, as Bondo, also called body putty, is considerably less expensive than a body shop. Applied correctly, Bondo repairs are durable and long-lasting.

How to De Ice a Car

De-icing your car is a pretty straight-forward task. All it takes is a little time, elbow grease, and the right products. If you find yourself without a spray can of de-icer, you can also use some common household ingredients instead. But to make the job even easier, take some preventative steps at night so your morning chore isn’t so much of a hassle.

How to Bear a Job That You Hate

You hate your job. First, consider whether you are in a position to quit and/or find another job. It may not be easy, but you can always get free. If you can't change your circumstances, then find a way to change your perspective. Learn from the situation, stay positive, and try to focus on the present. Slowly but surely build up your resume and find another job.