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11-05-2018, 23:00
How to Stop Your Shoes from Squeaking
Squeaky shoes can be embarrassing and annoying. The squeaking noises can be caused by the bottoms of the shoes, the insoles that are inside of the shoes, or the outer parts of the shoes. Fortunately, regardless of where the squeaking is coming from, you can usually fix the problem yourself right at home.
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30-04-2018, 07:00
How to Maintain Leather Shoes
You love your leather shoes, and you want to keep them beautiful and shiny for years to come. To keep your shoes looking their best, clean them regularly, particularly in harsh weather like snow and ice. Condition them every month or so to moisturize the leather, and then polish them for that lovely sheen. You may want to waterproof your shoes, though many modern shoes already come with
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17-01-2018, 23:00
How to Wash Toms Shoes
Toms shoes are comfortable and fun to wear, so they're probably going to get dirty from a lot of wear. You can wash them by hand using a simple cleaning solution, or you can pop them in your washing machine. Let them air dry – the dryer can ruin the fabric. If you need to freshen up the leather soles, mix up your own deodorizing powder.
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13-12-2017, 14:00
How to Repair Shoes
You can save yourself money and a trip to the shoe store by repairing your old shoes instead of buying new ones. With the right tools, you can repair loose shoe soles, holes in your shoes, and unsightly scuffs and stains. By putting in a little time and effort, you can hold onto your favorite shoes for years to come!
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12-11-2017, 14:00
How to Stretch Suede Shoes
You can easily stretch shoes, even if they’re made of the famously finicky fabric suede. A suede-safe stretching spray will do the trick if you just need a bit of a stretch. For tougher jobs, invest in a stretching tool designed for shoes, heels, or boots. If you have trouble, or you're worried about damaging expensive shoes, consult a shoe repair specialist.
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1-11-2017, 23:00
How to Break in Patent Leather Shoes
Patent leather shoes, with their distinctive gleam, make a striking and fun addition to any wardrobe. Modern patent leather shoes get their shine from a thin coating of plastic over the leather. Unfortunately, this plastic finish makes patent leather shoes inflexible and difficult to stretch. You can stretch your too-tight patent leathers a little bit with a shoe stretching kit or a
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24-08-2017, 23:00
How to Bedazzle Shoes
If you need a little more bling in your life, consider bedazzling a pair of shoes. You can always buy them from the store, but can get very expensive, and it is often cheaper to just bedazzle them yourself. High heels and wedges are the most popular candidates for bedazzling, but you can also add some glitz and glam to more casual shoes, such as canvas sneakers or flip flops. The
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20-08-2017, 18:00
How to Remove Dye from Suede Shoes
Suede shoes are very cool looking. Unfortunately, though, they stain easily. Removing stains, like dye, from suede shoes can be difficult. You not only risk making the stain worse, but you can damage the material. Thankfully, there are several ways you can remove dye from suede shoes safely. By taking steps to remove minor stains, or by using vinegar, alcohol, or abrasive materials, you
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How to Clean Shoe Insoles
Your shoes’ insoles can get pretty worn out after a while. With every step you take, the porous inserts absorb dirt, oil and perspiration, which can eventually lead to bacteria and mold. Killing these germs and banishing the stench they cause can be difficult, but it’s not impossible, provided you know the right tricks. For mild odors, you can simply scrub the insoles with soap and
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28-05-2017, 10:20
How to Remove Permanent Marker from Your Shoes
Shoes can be made up of a variety of materials such as leather, nylon, polyester, and acrylic. If you need to remove a permanent ink stain from the fabric of your shoes, then use the distilled white vinegar method. On the other hand, if you need to remove a permanent ink stain from leather, then try sunscreen. Alternatively, the magic eraser is a great solution to removing stains from
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