How to Set Up a Chicken Coop

When first raising backyard chickens, you need to set up a home for the flock. The coop will be a place where the chickens have a sense of security and will roost every night. They will eat, drink, scratch, forage, bathe, talk, lay and run about in the coop. They might even have potential chicks. Before you can purchase your very first flock you need to first set up the coop correctly.

How to Breed Quail

Some quail are hard to get broody whilst others are easy to breed and will often hatch out a lot more chicks than you may have expected. Because of this, it’s good to be prepared and know what you are doing.

How to Feed Quail

Quails do not need fussing about when it comes to feeding, but it is good to know if you're feeding them the correct things and that your giving them a balanced diet. Feeding quails often depends on the age, what you're raising them for, and most importantly, how you like to feed them.

How to Keep Chickens from Eating Their Own Eggs

Egg-eating amongst chickens usually starts as a mistake--a hen accidentally cracks an egg, and when she investigates, she finds that it's tasty and nutritious and gobbles it down. This behavior can spread quickly amongst the flock and, if left uncorrected, can be difficult to stop. This article will teach you how to provide your hens with an environment and diet that promotes the laying of strong, healthy eggs, and how to work quickly to stop the behavior before it affects the entire flock.

How to Train a Cockatiel to Talk

Expert Reviewed Cockatiels can make great pets and teaching them to talk can be a great way for you and your pet to bond. A talking cockatiel repeats syllables, making a robotic replication of words or noises you say to it. Your cockatiel's speech will never sound as clear as that of a parrot, but with some work you should be able to understand the words it says to you. In order to get your cockatiel to talk to you, you must first teach it to talk and then work with the bird to reinforce and expand its vocabulary.

How to Teach Parakeets to Talk

Expert Reviewed Parakeets, also known as budgies, are very popular pets because they are easy to care for and are smart and inquisitive birds. If you want to bond with your parakeet and keep it stimulated and happy, you can even teach it to talk. Parakeets are great mimics that love to speak in the language of their flock, whether that flock consists of other birds or humans like you.

How to Hatch a Mallard Duck Egg

Mallard ducks are amazing animals. And sometimes you want to help them hatch. It's important to not remove wild ducks eggs from any nest without the proper cause; however, if the mother is confirmed missing for over a period of 48 hours, you may be able to help.

How to Care for Peacocks

Peacocks are spectacular and delightful pets, most suitable for farms and rural surroundings. They are always a sight to behold when the males begin to strut around with their tail feathers extended! Males are commonly referred to as 'peacocks,' while females are commonly referred to as 'peahens.' Many people simple call both genders 'peacocks' or 'peafowl.'

How to Monitor Nestboxes

Monitoring nest boxes (birdhouses) can be very important if you're trying to keep an eye on native bird population fluctuations in your back yard or area or if you're checking for the health of baby birds, condition of the nest box itself or for the presence of intruders. Follow these instructions to learn how to properly monitor your nest box.

How to Train Your Bird

Expert Reviewed Birds are very clever animals, and can make very fun and interesting pets. With patience and practice, you can train your bird to do different tricks, and even train him where to go to the bathroom! Training your bird is an excellent way to bond with him, so have fun and enjoy the process.