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2-03-2021, 04:20
How to Perform Pre‐Breeding Health Checks for Dogs
Breeding a dog is not something that should be taken lightly. The breeding process takes time, patience, money and thoughtful consideration. If you plan on breeding your dog, you must first make sure it is healthy enough to breed and unlikely to pass on negative genetic traits to its puppies. Pre-breeding health checks, which will be performed by your vet, will ensure your dog is
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12-01-2021, 12:30
If your puppy is sick, there is a lot that you can do as a pet owner to help keep it comfortable and speed up its recovery. Remain calm, since your puppy will grow anxious if it notices that you are acting stressed. Your puppy depends on your caregiving, so be sure it is comfortable and safe, and contact your local veterinarian for professional assistance.
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17-11-2020, 09:40
How to Stretch a Dog's Back Legs
Dogs can suffer from stiff joints just like their human companions, and the rear legs are often a problem area for older dogs in particular. Fortunately, doing a regular stretching program may reduce the risk of injury during exercise, build muscle and support joints, and strengthen your bond with your dog. Try a standing rear leg stretch as a good introduction to back leg stretching.
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3-11-2020, 13:40
How to Treat a Torn Toenail on a Dog
Sometimes if your dog’s nails aren’t being cut, they can get long and break easily. When this happens, you may see blood coming from the paw. Don't panic. This guide will help you slow down any bleeding and treat the wound.
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3-10-2020, 00:40
How to Express a Dog's Anal Gland
Your dog's anal glands are two grape-shaped glands located just below the anus to either side. The pheromones they secrete give canines vital information about one another, including health, age, and sex. This explains why dogs sniff each other's rears when they meet and insist on taking a whiff of every poop they pass on their morning walk. Sometimes the fluid in anal glands can build
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6-07-2018, 20:00
How to Treat Flea Bites on Dogs
Expert Reviewed Fleas are a real pain for you and your dog. If you notice your dog itching or scratching more than usual, check them for signs of fleas including eggs, bite marks, and flea dust. Generally, you can get rid of these pests at home using topical flea treatments such as shampoos and collars. Before anything else, though, you should talk with your vet to ensure that you are
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29-06-2017, 11:00
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How to Treat Hot Spots in Dogs
Expert Reviewed A hot spot, or what veterinarians term "acute moist dermatitis," is a painful and inflamed area of the skin that is often accompanied by discharge and a bad odor. Hot spots occur via allergic reactions to bacterial skin infections often caused by a lesion or wound. Skin breaks, lesions, and wounds can have a variety of causes, including flea bites, scratches, scrapes or
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24-11-2016, 09:00
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How to Measure a Dog's Pulse
Expert Reviewed Knowing whether your dog's heart is beating as it should can be very important if you believe your dog may be hurt or sick. When you take your dog to the vet, she or he will listen to your dog's heart using a stethoscope. However, there are other ways to measure a dog's pulse rate that you can use at home. All you need is a stopwatch and your hand.
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3-11-2016, 08:42
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How to Check if Your Dog Is Healthy and Happy
Expert Reviewed Do you ever wonder if your dog is truly doing all right? As a dog owner, you have a responsibility to care for your furry friend's physical and mental well being. It is a great idea to stop every now and again and ask yourself if the dog is happy and healthy. In order to assess this, you will need to look for physical wellness, as well as looking for any psychological
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25-10-2016, 09:00
How to Prevent Kennel Cough
Expert Reviewed Kennel cough is a respiratory disease, otherwise known as infectious canine tracheobronchitis. It is caused by both viral and bacterial diseases, the most common causes being the bacteria Bordetella bronchiseptica and the canine parainfluenza virus. Essentially, it is an infection of the windpipe and the voice box similar to human bronchitis. The disease is highly
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