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4-05-2021, 12:50
Leftism is a broad term which includes all political directions from centre-left liberals and US Democrats to far-left communists. What all leftists have in common is that they want to change the political and economical system to improve the conditions of the common people. If you not only agree with leftist politics, but also want to be as good at leftism as possible, read on.
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25-03-2021, 08:10
How to Find Your Political Standpoint
The world of politics is very complex and dynamic, and there are many aspects to learn and consider before deciding on your own political standpoint. It's important to familiarize yourself with the structures and happenings of government, and to discuss important issues- whether with loved ones or local political figures, if the opportunity arises. Once you're informed you can reflect
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10-02-2021, 00:10
How to Tell if a Person Is Republican or Democrat
Knowing someone's party affiliation is a good start to understanding their political views. As a general rule, Republicans tend to be economically and socially conservative, while Democrats tend to be liberal. However, don't assume you know what a person believes just because you know what party they belong to. Very often, a person will vote Democrat or Republican without agreeing with
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22-12-2020, 13:10
How to Be a Republican Around Democrats
Republicans tend to have strong beliefs that conflict with Democrats. Most Republicans seek right-leaning and conservative/traditional goals, a contrast to the left-leaning, liberal/nontraditional proposals of Democrats. You may struggle with being a proud Republican among Democrats, especially if you want to foster contrasts in political debate without getting into an argument or
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20-12-2020, 22:20
How to Be an Anarchist
What does it mean to be an anarchist? In general, anarchy means to have no/not much government or large corporations. The concepts of society are extreme libertarianism which could be possible with everyone cooperating, no dictators and no despotic groups exploiting the weak, if that were possible. Solidarity through a dream of non-mandated/unforced equality is the foundational
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12-12-2020, 23:40
How to Join the Labour Party
If you are interested in joining the Labour Party, you are not alone. The Labour Party is one of the UK's largest political parties. The present-day Labour Party comes from an early 20th-century trade union and socialist movement. Many of the core values remain similar today, especially the party's commitment to representing the working class. As long as you are over the age of 14 and a
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6-05-2019, 16:00
How to Choose Your Political Party in the United States
Joining a political party can be a big decision. In the United States there are two major parties, the Republican and Democratic, as well as a number of smaller parties that field candidates for national, state, and local elections. Before you decide, familiarize yourself with the parties’ beliefs and candidates so you can join a group that reflects you and your values. Once you have
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