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2-02-2018, 11:00
How to Avoid Getting the Flu in Winter
Expert Reviewed The flu (influenza) can occur anytime, but appears mostly in the fall and winter. Chilly weather keeps lots of people indoors at the same time, and the holiday season brings together family members of all ages, increasing the probability for sickness. The flu can leave you suffering from fever, chills, and body aches, and can become so severe as to warrant
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23-10-2017, 23:00
How to Treat an Infant Cold
Expert Reviewed Watching your baby suffer through a cold can be both nerve-wracking and heart-wrenching, especially if your child demonstrates obvious signs of discomfort. Infants under the age of three months should see a doctor as soon as they show signs of illness. However, babies older than three months can wait as long as their symptoms do not get too severe. Focus on easing the
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