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How to Cast Spinning Tackle
Updated: July 29, 2019 Casting spinning tackle involves throwing a fishing line into a body of water with a spinning rod. A spinning rod is a modern type of fishing rod that uses a mechanical spool and reel mechanism to achieve great distances when you cast your line. Casting spinning tackle is quite easy once you get the hang of it. After you’ve set up your fishing rod, you’ll need to
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How to Pick Freshwater Fishing Lures
Freshwater fishing lures come in a number of types, sizes, shapes, and colors. Although most freshwater lures are produced for the bass fishing market, artificial lures can be used to catch other species of fish, such as crappie, perch, walleye, northern pike, and muskellunge. While some lures go through cycles of being "hot" or "new" and then are quickly forgotten, many others have
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How to Make Carp Rigs
Fishing for carp has become more specialized over the years as the carp themselves have become "smarter." There are new technologies for creating carp rigs, from special lines to different types of bait. Carp feed on various prey depending on their environment, such as lake conditions, food availability, source of food, time of day and season. Once you understand how the carp in a
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How to Make Fishing Hooks Without Metal
Imagine you are lost in the wilderness, with only a few items to help you. Or merely out on a fishing trip, when a fish breaks your line and swallows your only hook. Not to fear! There is a simple way to make fishing hooks wherever you are fishing. However, do not use these hooks for catch-and-release fishing, as the hook is usually swallowed by the fish.
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How to Keep a Spinning Reel Line Trouble Free
Spinning reels are ideal for making long casts, especially with small lures, but the line can kink up, twist, loop, break, and make the fishing experience one big headache if you don't know what you're doing. This article will show you some tricks to keeping the line trouble-free, and keeping your outing stress-free.
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How to Texas Rig a Plastic Worm
A plastic worm is a staple in any bass fisherman's arsenal. The Texas Rig is one of the most popular ways to fish a plastic worm because of its effectiveness. You can fish a Texas rigged worm over any kind of structure, through weeds and grass, and at any depth you want. You can vary the size of the worm and the weight to change the rate of fall, and you can fish it as slowly or as
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How to Make Soft Plastic Lures
Soft plastic lures have been available since the plastic worm was introduced to the market in 1951. Over time, the plastic worm has expanded from its original straight-tail design to include paddle-tail, forked-tail, and ribbon-tail designs and has been joined by plastic grubs, plastic salamanders, and other soft plastic creations. Although soft plastic lures are available from such
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Bottom fishing is a technique best used in ponds and in coves, and is commonly used for catfish/carp fishing.
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