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16-04-2021, 19:30
How to Make Mooncakes
Mooncakes are traditional Chinese pastries that are made during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is celebrated in China, Vietnam, as well as other countries in Asia. Mooncakes are usually round, made in a special mooncake mold, and contain a sweet filling, with the most common one being lotus seed paste or red bean paste. This recipe should make 12 mooncakes.
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8-02-2021, 21:30
How to Make Zongzi (Chinese Tamales)
Zongzi in Mandarin, or joong in Cantonese, are traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival, which is held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar, usually between late May to mid-June according to the Gregorian calendar, to honor Qu Yuan, a famous Chinese poet known for his patriotism. One legend says that after an unsuccessful attempt to prevent the kingdom
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24-05-2018, 01:00
How to Make a Chinese Paper Lantern
Community Tested Chinese paper lanterns have a long tradition, dating back to the Eastern Han dynasty, when they were used to worship Buddha. Now, they are used during the Lantern Festival to celebrate the last day of Chinese New Year. Making your own lantern is easy, and while it won’t light up, it can be just as pretty and unique as a traditional light-up lantern.
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