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7-10-2017, 18:00
How to Pack an Overnight Bag
The great thing about overnight trips is just that--they’re only overnight! You spend less time packing and more time working, or relaxing with friends and family. There are a few essentials you’ll need, like fresh clothes and some key toiletries, and by packing efficiently and lightly you’ll be on your way in no time.
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15-09-2017, 07:00
How to Look Good when Traveling
Whenever you travel on an airplane or sit through a long car, bus, or train ride, it's easy to end up looking tired and messy. Jet lag, exhaustion, and being cramped into a small seating area can contribute to a rumpled look. However, you can be comfortable yet still stylish by choosing wrinkle-free fabrics, wearing layers, and keeping your skin moisturized. Choose simple but chic
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11-08-2017, 18:59
Ever wanted to save time at the airport or cross the border faster? Trusted Traveler programs, such as TSA Pre✓® or Global Entry, allow travelers to use expedited lanes when crossing international borders from or to the United States or at the airport. If you ever wanted to sign up for one, the following instructions will guide you from signing online to receiving your Known Traveler
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31-07-2017, 21:45
How to Avoid Traffic Jams
Nothing ruins an otherwise perfect day like getting stuck in a traffic jam. By planning your journey ahead, however, you can avoid most congestion. There are also a number of technological tools that can help you skirt traffic issues, even in real time. You can also consider changing the times you travel at and transportation methods, especially if you live in an area that is constantly
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20-07-2017, 06:47
How to Mind Your Mental Health when Traveling
Expert Reviewed Traveling can be exciting, energizing, relaxing, and even lucrative. It can also be stressful and, in some cases, lead to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or substance abuse. You may find yourself having to cope with a new setting, unfamiliar people, and even different customs. There are steps you can take, though, to mind your mental health when you are
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9-07-2017, 09:22
How to Avoid Theft While Traveling
Traveling can be a memorable and eye-opening experience, but the experience can quickly take a bad turn if your belongings are stolen along the way. Losing your luggage, your passport, your cash, or an expensive camera or phone can be a stressful, scary, and unsettling situation. You can prevent theft during your travels by being a mindful and informed traveler and by securing your
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19-05-2017, 10:40
How to Travel with Psoriasis
Expert Reviewed Vacations should be fun for everyone; however, if you have a health condition such as psoriasis, travel can put a damper on your enjoyment. You may worry about flare ups ruining your plans or having an attack with no medical care. But having psoriasis doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself while traveling. By gathering supplies and taking precautions at your destination,
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29-04-2017, 11:00
How to Be Culturally Sensitive when Traveling Abroad
Travel is an extraordinary thing. But when you’re visiting a different country for the first time, there’s always a risk of offending the native population by failing to observe customs that are normal for them, or by not being aware of aspects of your own culture that might be considered rude or out of place. Few things are more embarrassing than disrupting someone’s way of life simply
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1-02-2017, 02:54
How to Get the Best Deal Booking a Hotel
Do you want to get the best rate possible on hotel rooms? Different guests staying in the same hotel in identical rooms are likely paying very different prices. Make sure you are paying the best price.
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1-02-2017, 01:48
How to Live on Practically Nothing
Living on practically nothing is achievable and, depending on the attitude with which you approach it, living without much can be a liberating rather than a depriving experience. For those who are forced to downsize severely, for those who travel often for work or life, and for those who just want less to be more, no matter how much they already have, this article will show you ways in
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