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Updated: August 8, 2019 Applying for teaching positions can be daunting because of all of the materials you need to submit. Your cover letter is an especially important part of the application since it highlights your best skills. Writing an excellent cover letter can set you apart from other applicants, so it’s important to take your time and write a targeted letter for every
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How to Teach Children (Age 2 to 6)
Expert Reviewed As kids make the transition from toddlerhood to childhood, they grow at a remarkable rate. Their cognitive and language skills develop dramatically during these years, as they transition from simple "why?" questions to enjoying jokes, riddles, and telling stories that follow a sequential order. During these years, children also have rich imaginations, strong fears, and
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9-11-2016, 23:42
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How to Be a Good Tutor
Tutoring students is a great responsibility, but it can also be one of life's most rewarding experiences. However, just knowing a lot about a subject area doesn't necessarily mean you'll be a good tutor. To help students reach their potential, you have to assess each one's needs and goals individually. With your individualized attention, any student can improve their understanding of
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21-10-2016, 21:10
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How to Become a Teacher if You Already Have a 4 Year Degree
Becoming a primary or secondary school teacher usually requires a bachelor's degree in education. Sometimes, however, people decide that they want to become a teacher after they've already completed a bachelor's in another subject. Don't worry- if this is the case, you still have two options for obtaining the necessary certification to become a teacher.
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How to Help Students Get Organized
As a teacher, it is irritating to see a child hindered by his or hers' lack of organizational skills. They will lose their homework, forget their assignments, and carry a stack of jumbled papers. Fortunately, you can remedy this with time and patience.
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How to Become a Biology Teacher in Texas
With more than 8,000 public and charter schools in the state of Texas, teaching jobs can be difficult for the administrators in Texas to fill. If you think you would find teaching biology to be a rewarding experience and you live in or plan to relocate to Texas, a biology teaching career may be for you.
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How to Be a Successful Tutor
Whether you're working for a tuition company or simply freelancing for some extra cash, there are various steps you can take to become a successful and highly-sought-after tutor. The following instructions are based on the assumption that you are already finding work, and are merely written to help you become even better at what you do.
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How to Become a Montessori Teacher
Montessori, a teaching style developed by the Italian physician and teacher Dr. Maria Montessori, offers a very different experience for both the student and the teacher when compared to a traditional education. However, like traditional teachers, Montessori teachers still must become certified to be able to bill themselves as genuine Montessori professionals. Not counting an
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How to Start a Private School Tutoring Service
Private tutoring for school-aged students is rapidly becoming a popular service. Many parents feel there is not enough individual attention for their struggling students and seek out tutors to help them. School districts also contract tutors and tutoring services to help high-need students. Starting a private school tutoring service requires some expertise in teaching or in a subject
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