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21-11-2020, 23:10
How to Cover an Abrasion Wound
A skin abrasion (also called a raspberry, road rash, or rug burn) may look scary, but often they heal within a few days with proper care. Stay calm and carefully clean the abrasion. If it's mild, it may not even need to be covered to heal. However, it's typically best to cover an abrasion to keep dirt and bacteria from entering the wound. Within a few days, it will start to scab over,
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18-11-2020, 21:50
How to Heal Scars Fast
While there are no miracle cures when it comes to healing scars fast, there are a variety of treatments you can try. Although not all might work for you, some might. By using prescription and over the counter products, trying homeopathic remedies, and taking steps so the scar doesn’t get worse, you may have success getting your scars to heal quickly.
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8-11-2020, 12:10
How to Prevent Scarring
If you've sustained an injury, large or small, you may end up with a scar. It's a natural outcome in the process of wound healing: collagen in the deeper layers of your skin becomes exposed and rises to the surface to "close" the wound, and in the process, forms a scar. There are no magical home remedies to prevent scarring, but there are some things you can do to influence the way the
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19-10-2020, 23:50
How to Measure Wound Granulation
Wound granulation tissue otherwise referred to as “fibroplasias” forms at the surface of a wound as the healing process takes place. Granulation may help guide healthcare professionals in monitoring and evaluating the progress of wound healing. Although, it is difficult to accurately measure the granulation tissue, there are some general guidelines to follow.
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29-09-2020, 03:10
Using Herbs to Promote Health: Skin Care, Better Sleep and More
Herbal medicine is a huge industry, so it’s only natural if you’re curious about whether or not some herbal treatments can help improve your health. Luckily, there are many herbal supplements that can help with lots of different problems, ranging from arthritis relief to wound-healing. If you’d like to try herbal medicine for yourself, just make sure you ask your doctor if it’s safe
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14-09-2020, 22:00
How to Heal Scratches
Scratches can happen at any time. You can get them from fingernails, thorns, or by bumping against something sharp. Most are not deep and will heal on their own. To heal a scratch, stop the bleeding, clean it, apply ointment, and cover it with a bandage.
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