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19-04-2018, 23:00
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How to Be a Preppy Girl
Preppy style is extremely popular for young people across the world. It combines fun prints with bold colors to create a modest and classy look for young adults, and it’s extremely easy to make the style your own! You can become a preppy girl easily by dressing in the preppy style, focusing on your personal hygiene, and having a positive attitude.
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26-10-2016, 09:30
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How to Be the Alpha Female
It's more common to hear people talk about alpha males and how to be one, but being an alpha female is equally important. An alpha female is a leader among her peers, whether it's at work, at home, or with friends. Even if you are a natural-born leader, you can still improve on your leadership and alpha status in all areas of your life. You can be the alpha female in the workplace as
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25-10-2016, 13:10
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How to Start a Clique
Picture this: You and your friends walking down the hall with all eyes on you, people craning to see what the latest trends are-on you!-and you sitting at lunch, people stopping by every couple of minutes to say "Hi!" and compliment you on your amazing outfits. Do you want this glamorous life to be yours? Look no further.
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20-10-2016, 14:00
How to Be a Party Girl in High School Without Screwing up Your Life
Almost every girl in high school secretly wants to be a party girl, let loose of rules and worries and have fun! This article will tell you how to do just that .. without causing problems with parents, teachers, and grades. Being a party girl is all about letting loose and showing a greater side of you that knows how to have a good time, but if you start feeling uncomfortable, don't
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19-10-2016, 23:30
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How to Be a Classy Young Lady
If you would like to know how to be a classy looking and acting young lady, this is the article for you! Learn to be sophisticated, mature and responsible as a teen, collegiate or young woman.
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19-10-2016, 01:20
How to Be a Preppy Beachy Girl
This is for a cute and neat Preppy style mixed with the laid-back, relaxed Beachy look which will work for your everyday outfit! And this isn't all Cali people. Cali is full with diverse groups. This is just one type.
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7-10-2016, 17:20
How to Put Together Your Own Pretty Committee
The clique books by Lisa Harrison have spawned great admiration for the character of Massie and her clique friends Alicia, Dylan, Kristen and even Claire. If you want to have your own pretty committee like Massie Block, the suggestions provided here will help you to become a successful leader and to have the tightest group of friends in town.
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3-10-2016, 04:15
How to Be Stylish and Preppy (for Girls)
Preppy is often misconstrued, with people using it to label the fashionable clothes that they wear. This article will tell you how to be truly preppy.
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2-10-2016, 12:15
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How to Be Preppy, Girly, and Feminine
Have you ever wanted to release your inner preppy, girly, and feminine side? It is possible. You can dress preppy, act girly, and be feminine all at once. This article will tell you how.
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How to Become Super Hot and Look Rich in One Summer
Want to come back next year to school looking super hot and rich? Well, here are some tips for coming back and wowing your class.
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